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Our company history:

In 1997, Arlene Roccaforte found herself with hundreds of Christmas cards and no way to attractively display them in her house. She couldn't enjoy them stacked in a basket, and they blew over every time she walked by them perched on top of a shelf. She came up with a wonderful new idea by combining her dress designing and interior decorating backgrounds, and the result was the first Door Hugger™. In fact she made three of them, put them all on one door, and displayed her Christmas cards in an organized and attractive manner.

Upon hosting a Christmas party, Arlene was asked so many questions and given so many requests about the attractive decoration that she knew she had an idea that didn't only solve her Christmas card problem, but obviously solved many other peoples' too. In fact, her new invention stayed on the door all year, holding cards from Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Easter, Mother's and Father's Days, Halloween, and Thanksgiving...all the way through to the following Christmas, with numerous birthdays and celebrations in between.

It wasn't until she came up with her second invention, the Book Hugger™ that she knew it was time to introduce her products to the public, and Hugger Enterprises was born.

Now the Hugger products can be found in retail locations throughout the United States, and Arlene still handles all the manufacturing in the USA as well.  She and her husband have developed a number of new tools, machines, and manufacturing techniques that enable them to produce larger quantities more quickly. The Door Hugger™ and Book Hugger™ are patented and have been manufactured and distributed since 1997.